Fleet Management

multiple location vessels

Effective fleet management requires a well running team of industry professionals. From logistics specialists, base managers, maritime legal experts and accounting professionals all play a decisive role in effective fleet management of your investments. At Synergy we partner with the best in the business to create the necessary network of partners to support your investments wherever they may be sailing on the globe. 

Our US offices handle Bahamas, Caribbean and Latin America while our European offices manage vessels throughout the Mediterranean from East to West. 


on-going charter maintenance &  Seasonal

Cost effective quality maintenance schedules is the most critical component to a successful ROI when you are ready to upgrade your vessel. Properly maintained vessels experience a higher resale value and higher return on initial capital investment. Extending the life of your charter vessels revenue generating capabilities while receiving a higher return on resale value is Synergy's main mission. As Synergy's founders have all been and are yacht owners, we know the importance of properly maintained vessels throughout their charter service. 

And while we can't forget that boats no matter how good the maintenance, may break down - it's good to know that there is a team of partners in place to reduce down-time of your charter vessel. 

Crew Management

crew training, certification and placement

A vessel is just an inanimate object that comes to life with the right crew. Crew training, certification and placement all come together harmoniously to create the right environment for a successful charter product. 

Winter Maintenance

haul out and storage

A vessels winter break is an important part of its overall maintenance. We carefully choose our managed fleets winter maintenance locations both for the vessels themselves and for the effective pricing that can be obtained from Synergy's buying power in the market of multiple vessels in one location. 

Yacht Certifications 

Certifications professional charter vessels

Keeping up with yacht's certification can be a daunting task. Leave that up to us to ensure that all your yacht's paperwork is up to speed so that you can focus on enjoying your vessel and your vessel's revenue generation.

Safety Regulations

Fire spillage and more

Synergy follows the highest safety standards for all its managed vessels. Safety of the vessel is the top priority for all our charter yachts. 

Legal Requirements 

Professional charter vessels 

Maritime laws, as well as, chartering rules and regulations change frequently throughout the industry. We work with local legal council to ensure we are on top of any/all changes to your charter business, yacht ownership and maritime regulations. 

Accounting Requirements

Professional charter vessels 

Numbers, numbers and more numbers - our accounting teams work diligently behind the scenes to ensure that the numbers are adding up. All expenses are transparent in the operation of your vessel so you know exactly how your money is being applied. 


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