$51 Billion by 2020

The Blue Opportunity


The Global private yacht chartering market represents over $51 Billion in revenue sales by the year 2020 Future Insights Yacht Charter Market: Global Industry Analysis and Opportunity Assessment 2015 - 2020)


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Why Synergy?

• In the yacht chartering business from 1989
• Designed Corporate Marketing Programs on yachts for major Global corporations from 1999
• Managed/Marketed over 250 charter yachts
• All Founders have owned/managed multiple  charter yachts with successful returns on investment
•All personal vessels sold with minimum product depreciation due to quality maintenance standards and market understanding. 

• Currently managing the largest crewed catamaran fleet in East Mediterranean
• International marketing alliances with major travel agencies throughout the United States.
• US/Europe on the ground teams/partners
• International advisory board
• Over 50 years of combined industry knowledge and experience of founding partners


Partner Network

Over 100 partners from major yacht shipyards to maintenance support teams. Together with our network of partners we maintain a tight running ship no matter what the storms may be ahead.