Come meet the Synergy Team in Cannes!

The Synergy team will be available at the Cannes! We are providing free consultation services on all the leading sailing brands and models. Special presentation on the Dufour Catamaran and the Dufour Grand Large range. Contact us for your free consultation to help you get started either for private use or charter use across the Mediterranean.

Interested in owning a charter boat for Greece? Let us show you how its done. With proper guidance you will be well on your way on living the dream lifestyle and convert your passion to a prosperous business with Synergy Consultation.

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Since 1977, the Cannes Yachting Festival takes place every September in elegant, luxurious surroundings in the sparkling bay of Cannes. 

As the first show in the boating season, the Cannes Yachting Festival is Europe’s leading in-water boating event. The major players in pleasure yachting come here to launch the show season by showcasing their new worldwide models.